Migrants Attack, Police Officers Shoot to Stay Alive

photo: Wikipedia

Two days ago, around 6 pm, the police station in Bihać was contacted about a conflict occurring between two migrants in a student home in Borići, where migrants live.


The police officers came to the scene where it was confirmed that a physical assault occurred, involving F.F., born in 1990, and S.R., born in 1991, both of whom are from Iran. S.R. severely injured F.F. with a wooden object. The police investigators in Bihać dealt with the event on the spot.

Around 7.40 pm, it was again reported to the Bihać police that a beating was happening in the same student home, this time involving more migrants, and that one person had suffered knife injuries. The police found that they were apparently fighting over food.

While the police officers were interviewing the Iranians, dozens of migrants began to throw rocks at both the Iranian migrants and the police, damaging a police vehicle. After this, they even tried to physically attack them. A police officer had to fire warning shots. Only then did the assailants retreat back to the boarding school.