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Man kills his kids in act of revenge

By: V4 Agency

After his wife left him, the husband – a man of Syrian descent – murdered his two children in revenge so they could not see their mom with another man.

Dressed as a police officer, the father told his kids that they were playing cops and robbers before killing them in an act of revenge. The man known as Semir suffocated his kids in order to punish his estranged wife, who chose to live with another man. 8-year-old Jamal and 6-year-old Jamile fell victim to his revenge.

The 37-year-oldchild murderer worked as an engineer in Regensburg, Germany. He was determined to carry out his scheme and persuaded his two children to go play with him together, which cost them their lives. According to the first reconstruction of the crime, Semir bound his children with cables before sealing plastic bags over their heads with tape.

After the murder, he wrote a suicide note to their mother, saying “Take care, see you in hell”. In his note, he mentioned that he had been “replaced” as their children’s father figure, after his former wife started a new life with another man. “The children are in heaven,” he concluded.

After committing the murders, the 37-year-old man attempted suicide by jumping into the Danube from a bridge, but he failed and was eventually swept ashore by the currents. In the meantime, police discovered the two bodies and identified the killer by his farewell note. Authorities detained him and found that he was not in full possession of his faculties, and was also struggling with mental health issues. The man of Syrian and Roma descent had already appeared on law enforecement’s radar several times before.

Based on the available evidence, Attorney General Thomas Rauscher said “he didn’t want his children to live in the same household as Bianca’s new partner and did not want the man to take part in raising his kids. He acted out of a selfish desire for power and possession.”

During his trial, the defendant brought up in his defence that he was “feeling helpless” because of the coronavirus lockdown.

He had already divorced his children’s mother five times and has a criminal record, with his first sentence being imposed on him when he was just 17 years old.

He dropped out of school and quit a number of jobs too, and he was also a known heroin addict. He was later convicted for burning his partner’s skin with a cigarette while under the influence of drugs.

He was subsequently arrested for killing his wife’s father in 2012. The verdict is expected next month and he is facing life imprisonment.


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