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Locals furious after migrants beat young man

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Photo: Wikipedia)

By: V4 Agency

Tension between locals and migrants are running high in the Canary Islands. This year saw the arrival of at least 17,000 migrants by the end of November, and most have been accommodated in hotels. They have become increasingly confrontational with locals and their presence in large numbers is also a threat to tourism, already hit hard by the current health crisis.

In the Canary Islands a group of angry locals marched to a hotel that was accommodating migrants. According to news reports, residents of Mogan have had enough of illegal migrants who have reached the city in large numbers during the past few months.

The beating and robbing of a 27-year-old local named Kevin by a gang of migrants was the final straw. When Kevin learned that a group of West African migrants insulted two girls at the centre of Mogan last Wednesday, he rushed to their scene and called on the migrants to leave the girls alone. However, he was attacked by several gang members, with one of them shouting “kill him!” The press was notified about the incident by Kevin’s brother.

The attackers eventually decided to run away, but Kevin followed them to get back his phone, wallet and keys. An older gang member gave him back his mobile and wallet, but not his licence and car key, Canarias7 reported.

Kevin, who suffered serious injuries, in now in hospital. Authorities have launched criminal proceedings. Attacks such as this are becoming commonplace on the island, according to the victim’s family.

This year, the Canary Islands have received at least 17 thousand illegal immigrants, the highest number since 2015. Around six thousand new arrivals are accommodated in hotels, costing 300 thousand euros a day.

Fearing that a new wave of migration would be harmful to the islands’ economic recovery and deal another blow to the tourism sector hit hard by the pandemic, the municipalities of Mogan and San Bartolome de Tirajana have appealed to the government for help, requesting the transfer of migrants housed in hotels to reception centres.

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