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Lesbos in Greece is bursting with almost 15 % of its population being migrants

In just three days last week the island of Lesbos in the North Aegean received over 600 migrants of different nationalities. This pushes the total number of illegal immigrants or “asylum seekers” on the island to above 12,000 – about 14% of the island’s population of 86,000.

Authorities said that on Friday 14th September, 98 people reached the island, another arrived 193 on Saturday and 324 landed on Sunday.

Currently there are about 3,100 people at the Kara Tepe center, whilst the majority of migrants (8,912) are staying at the Moria camp. The rest of the immigrants are staying at smaller refugee camps located around the island.

Meanwhile the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) aid agency said this Monday that Greece should urgently move children and weaker immigrants from its most overcrowded island camp to the mainland or to other EU countries for the sake of their health.

This is the same MSF that is funded by open-borders billionaire George Soros and has seen its reputation soiled by rife accusations of workers trading sex for medicines.

Greece has become a gateway into the European Union for hundreds of thousands of migrants who have arrived since 2015 and Athens is struggling to cope.

It must be utterly caustic for the Greeks, who had their EU funding severely compromised in 2014 by Ms Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, to now be told by a corrupt open-borders agency that they must clean up a catastrophe created by the same Ms Merkel just one year later.”


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