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Monday, March 20, 2023

Italy: Three suspected jihadists escape deportation center, one is still on the run

by A.P.

Yet another consequence of the laxity in Europe regarding illegal Muslim migration, along with the persistent denial about jihad threats to Western nations.

Last year, “an illegal Tunisian migrant, who had been deported from Italy, mocked populist leader Matteo Salvini after getting back into the country, saying he was glad Salvini was gone.”

Under Italy’s left-leaning coalition government, illegal migrants have been flooding into the country via its open ports; meanwhile, Italian citizens are in strict coronavirus lockdown. In August alone, 11,000 migrants swarmed in.

Merely twenty-four hours after the recent jihad massacre in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice, France — by an illegal Muslim migrant who entered through Italy — dozens of Muslims outside of Sant’Andrea della Valle shouted “Allahu akbar” and denounced insults to their religion. They also demanded that France apologize.

How many of these people had just entered Europe? How likely are they to integrate into European society?



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