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Italy: Migrant with AIDS attempted to infect police

(Photo: EPA /Angel Medina)

By: V4 Agency

The illegal immigrant deliberately started spitting his own blood at police at one of Rome’s reception centres after they tried arresting him for wildly ravaging the building.

An illegal immigrant began destroying the doors and windows of the reception centre he was in and threatened the staff for no apparent reason Monday morning.

The African man did not calm down even after police arrived on the scene, and tried to assault the officers with a fire extinguisher and a bar torn from an emergency exit door as he continued to rampage through the building. After police reinforcements arrived, he deliberately cut his arm, sucked blood from the wound and began spitting blood at the officers with the specific intent of infecting them with AIDS.

Despite his violent behaviour, the migrant was arrested but continued to shove, hit and kick the officers, who were tested for AIDS after the incident. The migrant will remain in custody until the end of his trial.

League councillor, Laura Corrotti condemned the case and the constantly deteriorating situation in the reception centre. “Residents of the eastern part of the capital are being increasingly neglected by an administration which has not responded to their cries for help in the past five years at all.”

This was not the first time that Traore Soumalia, a 21-year-old Mali native housed in the reception centre in the outskirts of Rome, committed violent actions. The last time he made the news was when centre-dwellers set fire to the mattresses and furniture to protest the arrest of five drug dealers of North African origin.

Public security in Italy deteriorates further due to illegal migrants

A man from Ghana boasting an extensive criminal record threatened passers-by with a knife at Rome’s Termini Station,…

In Rome, the number of violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants is on the rise. Two days earlier, at the Termini railway station an undocumented 44-year-old Ghanaian illegal immigrant threatened passers-by wielding a knife and repeatedly tried attacking police officers arriving on the scene. The officers shot him in the groin to subdue him. The migrant was hospitalised, but is not in critical condition.

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