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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Italian MEP Silvia Sardone: EU policy focuses solely on the welfare of migrants

by A.P.

The European Commission’s new plan puts migrants front and center as a European priority amidst the coronavirus pandemic

During an address at the European Parliament last week, Silvia Sardone, an Italian MEP for the populist League Party, argued that the EU’s top priority remains focused on the welfare — namely housing, education, and jobs – for illegal migrants who have somehow found their way into the European Union.

The EU recently revealed its new plan for the integration of migrants which focuses mainly on social inclusion projects and new housing for migrants. Within the European Parliament’s report of civil rights — which despite the spate of deadly Islamic terror attacks in the past few months that have left several dead and many others wounded — there was absolutely no mention terrorism. Instead, the EU’s report noted that the fight against racism and Islamophobia were much more pressing issues.

“Instead of confronting the actual situation, it looks like the program of a party of the extreme left, with passages that are biased and embarrassing,” League MEP Sardone stated during her remarks on the parliament floor.

“It talks of a European Parliament that has helplessly witnessed the spread of racism, of Islamophobic sentiments, of hostility and intolerance against Muslims, while saying nothing about terrorism, victims of attacks, about those who hate Europeans, our way of life, our culture, our values,” she said. Sardone has been the target of rape and death threats in the past for her outspoken position against mass migration to Italy and Europe.



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