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Incredibly rude! Migrant from Bangladesh Brawling at Ljubljana Railway Station, Taken Away Today by Police Officers After Causing Trouble Several Times!

(Photo: Facebook)

A real drama took place at the main railway station in Ljubljana early in the morning. The online Slovenske novice news portal reports that police officers came to take a man, who was brawling and squandering all that he could get his hands on around him. It turned out to be a migrant from Bangladesh.

»The guy went nuts«, said a reader of the aforementioned news portal. He was scattering the food, given to him by well-meaning people. In doing so, he supposedly littered the surrounding area quite a bit. The migrant is said to have been walking around and brawling angrily for several days. “The police were supposedly informed of this, but he always managed to escape. This time he failed because he was detained by a security guard until the arrival of police officers”, the online Slovenske novice reports.

According to the police report, the migrant not only violated law and order, but also the Law on Foreign Nationals, since he entered the country illegally from the territory of Italy. For now, he will be staying in the Centre for Foreigners, later he is to be deported. Unless of course, some NGO shows interest in him, just as some politicians from the extreme left Levica Party and the SD Party have done for Ahmad Shamieh, saving him from deportation.

Our sources point out that this is not an isolated incident, as the security situation is expected to deteriorate with the arrival of new illegal migrants to Slovenia. Only yesterday we reported on the case of a migrant who, in less than a month, received more than 1,200 euros of budget money into his bank account. And now we may ask ourselves, how would those who want to settle as many migrants as possible into our country, justify their funding when the next charitable fundraiser for Slovenians in need emerges.

Anyway, our sources say that migrants actually run drug trafficking businessess from their countries of origin …

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