In the area of Murska Sobota the police treated foreigners

(Photo: Archive of Demokracija)

By: C.R.

In the area of Murska Sobota two foreigners, who had previously entered the Republic of Slovenia illegally, were treated yesterday.

The foreigners were found in the cargo area of a vehicle.

Yesterday, around 10.00, a cargo from Serbia was brought to the warehouse in Murska Sobota by a truck to which a semi-trailer was attached. During the unloading, two persons, citizens of Afghanistan, were spotted. The foreigners have illegally entered our country. On January 10th, 2021, they had entered the cargo area through the roof of the vehicle in Serbia. They applied for international protection.

In the area of the Koper Police Department, the police officers dealt with: 4 citizens of Turkey near Podgorje, and 4 citizens of Afghanistan near Markovščina.