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Monday, December 4, 2023

Illegal migrants along the Balkan Route are wasting money in bookmakers, but at the same time they demand free food, clothes, accommodation, medical care and transportation!

“The migrant crisis in Bihać has been going on for many months. Illegal migrants also spend their money in bookmakers who have been fully occupied and come from them only at the end of their working hours,” the portal Krupljani reports.

Media mainstream and non-governmental organizations show illegal migrants as poor people who walk for several months and then collapse exhausted on the floor. They have no money, so they need help.

Well, the portal Krupljani reports that the bookmakers in Bihać are full of migrants who spend most of their time there, instead of helping in the camps where they are located and where they can help to clean up and carry away the garbage.

(Photo: Krupljani)



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