90% of Moroccan ‘Street Children’ in Sweden Are Adults – Report

(Photo by Instagram)

The influx of fake Moroccan “minors”, many of whom are in fact adults, has previously been associated with homelessness, drugs and crime.

A new cooperation with Morocco and tighter rapport between the Swedish border police and social authorities appears to have put a damper on the influx of Moroccan “minors”, the majority of whom are in fact adults, national broadcaster SVT reported.

For a few years, Swedish authorities have been sounding the alarm over unaccompanied Moroccan “street children” who have been coming to the Scandinavian country in increasing numbers.

Many sleep outdoors, they are often drug-influenced, and they commit serious crimes, SVT reported.

Neither the Swedish police nor the National Board of Health and Welfare have an exact figure on how many unaccompanied Moroccans are currently staying in Sweden, as many have entered the country illegally. However, fingerprint tests show that only ten percent of those checked are below 18 years of age. The rest have been lying about their age and are adults.