Media downplays sri lanka islamic bombing that killed 400% more people than christchurch

(Photo by Instagram)

The Sri Lanka terror attack by Islamic jihadists that resulted in 207 dead is being carefully downplayed by the mainstream media, omitting in their headlines that the attacks were perpetrated by Islamist suicide bombers.

Several media outlets have been careful to avoid any mention of radical Islam in their headlines, or that the deaths were the result of a terrorist attack.

The headlines are in stark contrast to how the corporate media zealously covered the Christchurch terrorist attack by a white supremacist that killed 49 last month, which highlighted not only the attacker’s identity, but his white supremacist motives.

Additionally, the media and even members of Congress tried to blame President Trump and his supporters for the killings.

After Christchurch, Alex Jones warned of the media’s double standard, and claimed they would downplay the next big Islamic attack that would surely result in mass casualties to advance their narrative that Christianity is evil and Islam is good.