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Thursday, May 23, 2024

European Dreams vs. Mass Migration

Unfortunately, the European mindset refuses to face the reality, as if the challenge is too severe to be addressed.

“The conference took place under the theme ‘Penser l’Europe’ [‘Thinking of Europe’]… There, I was disturbed to hear Tariq Ramadan speaking of Europe as dar al-Shahada, i.e. house of Islamic belief.

The attending audience was alarmed, but did not get the message of the perception of Europe… as a part of house of Islam.

It is a false Marxist notion among young people here in Europe that if you are successful or comfortable, it can only have been at the expense of humanity: “If I win, somebody else must lose.”

There seems to be no concept at all of “win-win” — “If I win, all of you can win too: everyone can win!” — which underpins the free economy and has lifted so much of the world so spectacularly out of poverty.




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