‘Send Them Back!’ — Migration Watch UK Calls For the Deportation of Suspected Nigerian Hijackers

(Photo by Bahadir CIVAN from Pexels)

Migration Watch UK called for the deportation of the suspected Nigerian illegal migrants — who allegedly seized control of an oil tanker off the coast of the Isle of White on Sunday — after two former British immigration chiefs warned that the migrants may be eligible to apply for asylum after their prospective prison sentences.

“Shockingly, if the experience of dealing with previous hijackers is anything to go by, this latest group of criminals could claim asylum and remain here for years, even if asylum is not granted,” Migration Watch chairman Alp Mehmet told Breitbart London.

“Should this happen, yet again, the rules and conventions governing asylum will have been shown to be totally unfit for purpose and in urgent need of root-and-branch reform.

“If determined young men – for that is what they are – can get away with hijacking their way into Britain, it will act as an open invitation to others to do the same,” Mehmet warned.

“Like we have seen with those crossing the Channel illegally to claim asylum, the route will see numbers increase. The right action now is to try, punish and remove. No question,” the Migration Watch chairman concluded.