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Friday, September 22, 2023

Migrant Attacks Police, Brags Judge Will Do Nothing

A migrant arrested after attacking police in Rome continued to make threats against officers while in custody, boasting that judges would not do anything to him.

Police arrested the migrant on Monday evening after police were called to the San Lorenzo area where the 36-year-old African was throwing bottles in a public park. When police arrived, the migrant became aggressive and assaulted one of the officers.

He then shouted at officers: “I’ll kill you with my own hands. I’ll take you out.”He then ran towards a shop, but police blocked him, bought him under control using pepper spray, and placed him into custody, Il Giornale reports.

While in the officer’s police car, the African continued to be aggressive and threatened the officers, saying: “The judge will do nothing to me tomorrow, and I will be out waiting for you.”

According to the newspaper, the migrant is already well-known to local police and has a long list of criminal charges. The officer he assaulted was treated at a local hospital for his injuries and was given ten days’ leave.




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