Malmö Shooting Suspects Overwhelmingly from Migrant Backgrounds

(Photo by Instagram)

The majority of the suspects in shootings in the city of Malmö come from migration backgrounds, according to a report from Swedish media.

The report, conducted by newspaper Sydsvenskan, examined 20 young men aged between 20 and 28 years old who have been suspected of having shot someone personally, having planned a shooting, or simply participated in a fatal shooting in another capacity between 2015 and 2019, Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.

In total, the 20 men have been convicted for 180 different crimes between them from simple robberies all the way to murder.

The majority of the men, 14 of 20, were born in Sweden to parents who had migrated to the country from Africa, the Middle East, or elsewhere, and 17 are said to have Swedish citizenship.

All but two of them lived in so-called “vulnerable areas” often referred to as no-go zones.