Marine Le Pen Proposes National Referendum on Immigration

(Photo by Instagram)

French populist leader Marine Le Pen has proposed settling France’s immigration issues by recommending referendums on a number of immigration topics.

The National Rally (RN) leader said that she and her party had been excluded from a debate on immigration set for the end of the month where she wanted to propose several referendums to allow the French public to vote on immigration policies, Le Figaro reports. 

Me Le Pen claims that French President Emmanuel Macron has not made any substantial immigration policies in his two and a half years in power.

“Nicolas Sarkozy did the same thing. He had taken this debate on immigration when he was a candidate and then we saw what happened when he came to power. I think that Emmanuel Macron will do nothing,” she said.

The proposed referendums would be simplistic yes or no questions, Le Pen added, saying they would be “yes or no to [birthright citizenship], yes or no to family reunification, yes or no to control of our borders again”.