Somali Migrant Gets Right to Stay in UK Despite 33 Convictions, Jailed for Drug Dealing Within Weeks

(Photo by Instagram)

A Somali migrant granted the right to stay in the United Kingdom despite 33 previous convictions has been imprisoned for drug dealing just weeks later.

Abdi-Mahad Osamon sold an undercover police officer cocaine and crack cocaine, and urged him to also try his “very good” heroin, BirminghamLive reports. 

Judge Robert Brown sentenced Osamon to a minimum term of five years and seven months — discounted from seven due to a his guilty plea,

under a supposed “three strikes” rule, as he had two previous convictions for dealing Class A drugs already.

All told, the Somali had acquired 33 previous convictions since his arrival in Britain — in unreported circumstances — for crimes including driving offences, crimes against the person, and drug possession, in addition to the drug dealing considered in the “three strikes” ruling.