Dozens More Boat Migrants Cross English Channel, Most Land Undetected

(Photo by Instagram)

Dozens of illegal migrants crossed the English Channel in boats over the weekend, the great majority landing undetected.

Twenty migrants were detected by Border Force officials only after they had landed in Dungeness, Kent, after crossing the narrow waterway in a dinghy on the 3rd of August, according to The Times. 

Another eleven — all men, according to the newspaper — were intercepted while still at sea by a Border Force patrol cutter, but were picked up and brought the rest of the way to Britain rather than taken back to France, despite clearly being in no danger of state persecution in the G7 nation.

Six more were discovered in Sussex by police.

All 37 were ultimately transferred to immigration officials to be processed, except for a small number from the Sussex party described as minors, who were transferred to social service, and all claimed to be from Iran or Iraq.