Afghan Migrant Attempts to Kill French Police Officer

(Photo by Instagram)

A homeless migrant from Afghanistan was arrested over the weekend after attempting to kill a Paris police officer with a shard of glass following a brawl.

The incident took place on Sunday evening in the 18th arrondissement of Paris and saw around ten people, some armed with wooden weapons, brawl with each other before plainclothes police officers attempted to break up the fighting, Le Parisien reports.

As the officers proceeded to calm the situation, a 19-year-old homeless Afghan migrant, who was in a state of intoxication, broke a bottle on a pole and rushed one of the officers with a shard of glass in an attempt to kill him.

The officer managed to dodge the attack but was unable to subdue the migrant, even after deploying his baton. Another officer then sprayed the migrant with tear gas, which also had no effect on the Afghan.

One of the officers then proceeded to draw his firearm, which caused the migrant to drop the shard of glass and attempt to run from the scene.