Finland Considers Ankle Monitors for Rejected Asylum Seekers

(Photo by Instagram)

The Finnish government has announced plans to keep track of rejected asylum seekers by using ankle monitors, saying they would only be used on a case-by-case basis.

The governments plan to use ankle monitors was leaked to Finnish media this week as part of a number of asylum reforms and would help the government keep track of rejected asylum seekers without having to detain them, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomatreports.

According to the paper, the legislative changes would not be required for every asylum seeker and would require several conditions under the law before being applied.

As the law is written it will also be forced to decide on whether or not the ankle monitors will be allowed to be applied to minor migrants, as Finnish law is much more restrictive on detaining minors.

The quota for new refugees will also be raised slightly — a move criticised by several left-wing parties who wanted to see the quotas expanded even further.