Asylum Seeker’s Sexual Assault on ‘Vulnerable’ Male Blamed on Newcastle’s ‘Immorality’

(Photo by instagram)

An asylum seeker who illegally entered Britain on the back of a lorry had his decision to sexually assault a “vulnerable” male in his adopted city of Newcastle blamed on the city’s “immorality”.

Zain Osman, originally a shepherd from Sudan, east Africa,  subjected his victim to a 20-minute ordeal in which he was bitten and sent tumbling into a roadside ditch, ChronicleLive reports

“[The victim] fell into a ditch outside a cash and carry,” related prosecutor Robin Turton.

“He tried to walk away but felt a bite from behind. He screamed and told [Osman] he was going home.”

Thankfully, the victim — described as having “difficulties” which would classify him as vulnerable — was rescued by the intervention of a passing taxi driver, although not before he had suffered a number of injuries.