Migrant Crisis: 427 migrants land on Greek Islands in a single day

(Photo by Instagram)

Middle Eastern migrants continue to flood into Greece from Turkey, with an additional 427 arriving in just twenty-four hours, according to new reports. 

This marks the newest round of mass arrivals in a summer which has seen thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants make their way to Greece from Turkey.

According to a report from HLN, within just one day, 427 illegal migrants reached the Greek islands of Rhodes, Lesbos, and Samos in the eastern region of the Aegean Sea on Thursday morning. 

The fresh arrivals come as migrant reception camps on the Greek islands are already overflowing.

The reception centers, designed to house close to 6,300 migrants, are now housing more than 20,000. 4,000 additional migrants are said to be housed at smaller camps, warehouses, and apartments.