Greece: Coast guard arrests two migrants for people smuggling

(Photo by Instagram)

Earlier this week, members of the Greek coast guard seized a sailboat and arrested two individuals for attempting to smuggle 37 illegal migrants into Italy.

On Tuesday, the coast guard reported having stopped a Ukrainian-flagged boat with 37 people on board in the Ionian Sea, not far from the island of Zakinthos on Monday morning, Ekathimerini reports.

The ship was then seized while the passengers were transported to the port in Zakinthos. 

Although authorities have not released the nationalities of those on board, they did mention that they were investigating two of the suspects on board, only referred to as foreigners aged 35 and 49, who could be part of an international migrant smuggling organization. 

Hundreds and hundreds of illegal migrants continue to arrive in Greece from Turkey, many with dreams to head further north to Europe’s more prosperous welfare states.