Over 80 percent of Somali migrants are on welfare In Switzerland

(Photo by Instagram)

New data was gathered and released by both the Federal Statistical Office and the State Secretariat for Migration and shows that the 4,000 or so Somalis in Switzerland are by far the most prone to being on government benefits with 83.7 percent relying on state income, Breitbart reports.

While Somalis are by far and wide the largest recipients of welfare, several other nationalities also have rates of over 50 percent, such as Eritreans at 54.7 percent and Angolans at 54 per cent.

The statistics greatly contrast with the number of Swiss nationals on welfare, at a mere 2.3 percent of the population – although Japanese nationals were the lowest of all at only 0.6 per cent.

Müller D of the Swiss Liberals said that the figures show that both far too many asylum seekers not qualified for asylum were living on state handouts and that not enough was being done to integrate those with refugee status into the Swiss economy.

“Integration is not a one-way street”, he insisted, adding, “refugees are [also]responsible.”