Migrant sex attacks on European women are motivated by religion – Swedish MP

(Photo by Mike from Pexels)

Swedish politician Hanif Bali said it’s time to call migrants’ sexual assaults of European women what they are – ethno-religiously motivated crimes

In a series of tweets, MP Hanif Bali raises the subject of gang rape, and points to the perpetrators and victims.

Bali believes it’s time to start talking about “ethno-religiously motivated rapes” since 88 per cent of perpetrators who commit serious sexual assaults in Sweden and other European countries,

have a migrant background, while the victims are mainly young white girls.

A citizen study on sexual crimes made in autumn 2017 confirms what Bali writes:

Men of non-European descent commit 84 per cent of serious rapes in Sweden. Afghans, Iraqis and Somalis commit the most rapes. Two out of three serious rapes are committed by asylum seekers or men who have been granted residence permits.

95.6 per cent of assault rapes are committed by men of foreign descent.

The question he raises is why the Swedish authorities don’t act vigorously to protect the country’s girls and women from the ethno-religiously and racially motivated serious sexual violence.