‘Arrogant’ Merkel defends signing highly criticised UN migration pact

(Photo by Ingo Joseph from Pexels)

Merkel, unwilling and stubborn as ever, is how one could describe her speech. She simply dismissed all criticism of the pact as being based on false information.

“Now all know, that illegal migration in part causes great fear in our nations. These fears are now used by opponents of the pact to disseminate false information.”

An arrogant statement, to find its equal insinuating governments of countries like Hungary, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Australia, Israel, Chile, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the United States are just not smart enough to read the paper.

The Unites States, in particular, warned countries from signing the pact as it would lead to a loss in sovereignty. Austrian Chancellor Kurz shared this position, cited problems of mixing asylum with migration in this pact as his reasons of not signing it.

Not even a politician from Merkel’s own party was able to give her pause not to sign the pact, calling it an act of treason. Around 150 countries ratified the UN migration pact in Marrakech.