Algerian migrant slaughters homeless British man in Greece


A 32-year-old Algerian migrant, is the perpetrator of the homeless man’s murder committed last week, in Thissio, one of the most visited locations in Athens, Greece.

The migrant has confessed his crime to the Hellenic Police officers, as Greek webpage Tanea reports.

The victim, according to police sources, is probably a British man. He had been found fatally wounded by stabbing, in a recess inside an abandoned building, which he used as temporary shelter.

 According to the same sources, the Algerian man, who is also homeless, believed that the British man had cast “spells” on him, and so he killed the unfortunate man in order to “solve” them.

A criminal case of homicide was filed against the 32-year-old Algerian with intent, and was brought to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.