Syrian Refugee ‘Remigration’ Posters Go Up in Berlin

(Photo by Summit news)

So-called ‘remigration’ posters with the words, “Go home. The war is over. Syria needs you,” have been appearing all over Berlin.

They are linked to a website called ‘Remigration’ which features a petition which states that assimilation has not worked and calls for the German government to start deporting failed asylum seekers.

“Cultural assimilation is only possible if the demographic majorities are also on the side of the indigenous population,” states the petition, noting that Islamized “parallel societies” have been created in Germany instead.

“We need a reversal of the current migration flows coming to Germany. Instead of a net migration as before, there must be a net outflow,” it adds.

Meanwhile, in a related story, the German Office for Migration and Refugees has reportedly begun halting asylum applications for Syrian refugees.