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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Paris knife attack by Pakistani ‘unaccompanied minor’ outside Charlie Hebdo office is ‘clearly an act of Islamist terrorism’

The Pakistani suspect may be significantly older than the 18 he claims to be…

A man identified as an 18-year-old Pakistani attacked and severely wounded two passers-by with a meat cleaver in what he believed were the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Friday, and authorities are treating the case as an Islamist terrorist attack.

French Minister of Interior Gérald Darmain said the was “clearly an act if Islamist terrorism”, adding that it was “a new bloody attack against our country, against journalists”.

The attack happened outside the former offices of Charlie Hebdo, where in 2015 two Jihadists killed 12 people. The high-profile trial of 14 people accused of helping them is currently underway.

The latest attack occurred just days after Charlie Hebdo magazine reprinted the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad which prompted the first terrorist attack in 2015. The magazine went ahead with the decision to reprint the cartoon in an effort to show it will not be silenced by Islamist extremists.



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