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Friday, September 29, 2023

Fidesz: Opposition Momentum’s Liberal EP Group Wants to Implement ‘Soros Plan’

Renew Europe, the liberal party group of the European Parliament which includes Hungary’s Momentum as a member, wants to implement the “Soros plan” on migration, the spokesman of ruling Fidesz’s parliamentary group said on Monday.

Several components of Renew Europe’s recently released package of proposals on how the EU should tackle migration are “quite familiar from the Soros plan,” János Halász told a press conference.

The liberals want to turn Europe into an open society, a continent of immigrants through introducing migrant quotas and they want to give “Soros organisations” greater influence in tackling migration, he said.

They also “want to give migrants citizenship” of a European country, Halász said, adding that a citizenship would not only ensure masses of migrants the right to vote, but would entirely “restructure Europe’s culture” within a short period of time.

Further, the liberals want to accelerate the process of settling migrants in Europe, as they also seek to curb the powers of nation states in asylum decisions, Halász said.





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