French Mayor Blisters Macron: “Mass Immigration Must Be Ended”


French President Emmanuel Macron was warned about the wrath he is incurring by showering migrants with preferential treatment and resources during a town hall attended by some 600 mayors from around the country.

Brigitte Barèges, mayor of Montauban, spoke on behalf of “forgotten” French citizens who have now been protesting in the streets for more than 10 weeks,

and who are often smeared as ‘far-right’ or ‘violent extremists’ by the mainstream press and French officials.

“Mass immigration must be ended,” Mayor Barèges said, citing citizens’ concerns in the ‘Cahier de Doléances’ – a log of grievances being compiled as part of a national ‘grand debate.’

“The people who are at the roundabouts feel deprecated, forgotten by the Republic. The people who are at the roundabouts, the Yellow Vests . . . they are worried because they are treated worse than those who came from elsewhere.”