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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Greek Police Arrest Three Pakistanis for Holding People Hostage for Ransom

by A.P.

Police arrested three Pakistani migrants in Thessaloniki, Greece, after they had allegedly held eight people hostage, ransoming their freedom.

The three men, aged 19, 20, and 22, are accused of several charges such as forming a criminal organisation, illegal imprisonment, kidnapping, aiding illegal migration, and uttering threats.

Police found the eight victims, six men from Pakistan and two women from the Dominican Republic, in an abandoned warehouse in the city. The illegal migrants said they had been held against their will, Proto Thema reports.

According to investigators, the migrants were illegally smuggled across the Greek border with Turkey, in the Evros region, before being brought to Thessaloniki, where the Pakistanis demanded cash from their families in exchange for releasing them.

The money was not paid, and the Pakistanis then reportedly made threats and committed acts of violence against the hostages. The two women also claim the Pakistanis sexually abused them and harassed them.



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