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Germany: Muslim migrant murders two people, one with ‘violent action on the neck,’ cops say motive unclear

By A.P.

“Lüneburg: Syrian kills two patients in psychiatric hospital,” translated from “Lüneburg: Syrer tötet zwei Patienten in psychiatrischem Krankenhaus,” by Johannes Daniels, PI News, February 20, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

The mainstream media consistently reports in a concealed manner about the brutal double murder of a 21-year-old Merkel guest in Lüneburg in the early morning hours on (halal) Friday: At around 2:10 am, a 54-year-old patient in the psychiatric clinic “Am Wienebütteler Weg” was butched by another “patient.”

According to the first police findings, the young man killed the 54-year-old by “violent action on the neck,” which is usually an investigator description for the slaughter of a victim. The perpetrator injured another 56-year-old patient in his ward so badly that he later died in the hospital. A 61-year-old nurse was seriously injured by the “asylum seeker.” The perpetrator also threw objects at the emergency services and injured another 42-year-old nurse and a police officer.

Several police car crews were on duty to overpower and restrain the perpetrator. The officials had to use pepper spray against the guest of the old parties and the German taxpayer.



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