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Sunday, October 2, 2022

German police detain 23 illegal migrants, hand them over Czechia

by A.P.

German police discovered 23 migrants in three vans they stopped near the town of Selb near the border with the Czech Republic. Twenty men and three women were “crammed into a very small space,” the DPA news agency reported. All migrants and three smugglers were handed over to the Czech Republic.

Police checked the vans on Friday on the A93 motorway between the towns of Selb and Rehau, which lie five and ten kilometers, respectively, from the Czech town of Aš. According to the German police, migrants and their smugglers were from Moldova. Two smugglers had a criminal record in Germany for theft.

In addition to the people, the police also found work clothes and a forged Romanian ID and driver’s licenses in the vans.

According to police, the trio of smugglers brought 23 people to Germany via Poland and Czechia. All 26 people were handed over by the federal police to the Czech authorities. According to the DPA agency, three men aged 20, 33, and 38 will be charged with trafficking in the Czech Republic.



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