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French want migrant criminals deported to serve out their sentences

By: V4 Agency

Seven in ten French think that migrants who commit crimes should be repatriated to serve their sentences in their countries of origin, a recent poll has revealed. Meanwhile, the government has launched a multi-billion-euro project to build new jails for criminals.

A recent poll conducted by CSA Institute for Studies and commissioned by CNews revealed that 66 per cent of French respondents would support having migrants who commit crimes in France be sent home to serve their sentence in their countries of origin. Of those in favour of the idea, 42 per cent indicated they strongly support it.

68 per cent of women and 65 per cent of men agree with repatriating perpetrators to their original countries. In terms of age, the ratio of those who would side with a decision that criminals should serve their sentences outside France is the highest in the 35-49 age group.

No more migrants, country is full, three quarters of French say

71 per cent of the French believe that their country should not take in any more immigrants, according to a recent public opinion poll.

Ninety per cent of the supporters of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally would agree with such measures, while this figure is 63 per cent among the followers of President Emmanuel Macron.

The poll also revealed that migrant crimes and the surge in the number of minor migrant perpetrators has become a major issue in France, Breitbart reported.

In April, Marine Le Pen said in an interview on RTL that the issue of public security is of vital importance for the country, and to achieve that, the first step should be the deportation of foreign nationals who committed crimes on French soil after being taken in by France.

25 per cent of inmates in French jails are foreign citizens, and many of them are repeat offenders, Ms Le Pen added.

The right-wing politician talked about this while commenting on the French government’s decision to build eight new jails in the country by 2027, with a total additional capacity for 15 thousand inmates. The decision was justified by the increasing problem that overcrowding in jails poses in the Republic.

PM Jean Castex delivered a speech at the building site of one of the new facilities, in Lutterbach, Haut-Rhin department. The total budget for the project is 4.4 billion euros. In the first phase of construction lasting until 2022, capacity for 7 thousand inmates will be created, to be followed by another 8 thousand by 2027, the premier said.


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