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France: No more migrants, country is full, three quarters of French say

Simbolic photo. (Photo: Matic Štojs Lomovšek)

By: V4 Agency

71 per cent of the French believe that their country should not take in any more immigrants, according to a recent public opinion poll.

Nearly three quarters of the French would not like to see any more immigration into their country, while 64 per cent said France should no longer take in any immigrants because of the threat of terrorism.

Earlier Michel Barnier, the EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator, expressed his opinion that concrete steps were needed to curb migration and its related risks that keep threatening Europe. He said he would introduce a moratorium on immigration in France for a duration of 3-5 years. Mr Barnier argued that France needed time to decide on migration-related procedures and practices, as well as their controls, which makes it necessary to halt immigration to France for a few years.

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Mr Barnier was of the opinion that certain aspects of the constitution need be amended, but he did not go into details. In response to a journalist’s question, however, he added that under his plans, France would continue to admit students from abroad and respect people’s right to asylum.

Covering the politician’s interview, the daily Le Parisien pointed out that the fight against migration has recently become a major theme in the French right wing’s political narrative. Last autumn, Christian Jacob, leader of The Republicans party, proposed a 3-6 months moratorium on immigration, while in a recent interview, National Rally chief Marine Le Pen stressed that she would suspend immigration and impose draconian measures on illegal migrants, if elected.

Another recently conducted opinion poll showed that 60 per cent of soldiers and police in the country would support Marine Le Pen over Emmanuel Macron in a presidential race.

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