France expels Muslim migrant family for shaving a girls head because of her relationship with a Christian

Photo: Demokracija

Jihad watch website reports that recently five family members of a Bosnian Muslim teenager were expelled from France after they beat her and shave her head because she was seeing a Christian Serb. Those expelled were supposedly the girl’s parents and three of her siblings.


The 17-year-old’s parents were arrested on Friday, after a court in the eastern city of Besancon convicted them of violence against a minor. They were sentenced to one year in jail, four of them suspended, as were her aunt and uncle, who the girl said had actually shaved her head. The parents were also barred from French territory for five years.

The girl had arrived from Bosnia-Herzegovina two years ago with her family and had a relationship for several months with a 20-year-old Serb boyfriend, who lived in the same building. Their families at first got along, but after the pair started talking about marriage, her parents took away her phone and prevented her from contacting they boy. They told her that she, as a Muslim, cannot marry a Christian.

The couple then ran away, but returned after four days. The girl told the court that the adults took her into her room where she was punched and kicked by her parents, aunt and uncle and had her head shaved. After the young man’s parents called the police, officers brought the girl to hospital where she was found to have a broken rib and bruises “everywhere”, prosecutors said.