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Excessive immigration likely politicians’ fault

Sweden (Photo by STA/Xinhua)

By: V4 Agency

European politicians are merely pretending to handle the issue of mass immigration, according to author Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The activist and staunch critic of Islam recently published a book on the subject, highlighting the negative impact of immigration on women.

In a recent interview author Ayaan Hirsi Ali has described Swedish politicians as downright incompetent. The activist, who is also known as an ardent critic of Islam, has given a number of interviews recently, promoting her latest book on immigration, Islam, and the abolition of women’s rights.

In her new book, Prey: Immigration, Islam and the Erosion of Women’s Rights, Ayaan Hirsi Ali discusses topics such as mass immigration, and claims that most of the newcomers are men arriving from misogynistic cultures. This has a definitive effect on European municipalities, she writes, citing for example the rising numbers of sexual crimes and harassment, she writes.

In an interview with Jyllands-Posten in Denmark, Ayaan Hirsi Ali welcomed the Danish government’s position on values, but she described Swedish politicians as incompetent. According to her, the Swedes identify themselves as a high moral superpower, but in reality, Sweden has betrayed its own society, as well as immigrants, but especially women. Swedish authorities refuse to notice and admit, for example, that immigration has changed their country.

The activist also spoke about migration to Tucker Carlson on Fox News. According to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, elected officials in Europe have failed to manage immigration, and they are simply pretending to do so. She reiterated that the vast numbers of young migrant men reaching Europe tend to treat women the same way that they used to in their home countries.

Although the activist maintains that it’s mainly working-class women who suffer the most harm at the hands of immigrants, she also points out that other vulnerable minority groups, such as Jews and homosexuals, are also negatively affected. She also highlights that, unlike Denmark, Sweden is not handling immigration in its place and is not telling immigrants that they are expected to adopt the values and abide by the rules of the country.

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