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Ex-minister says Islam is a problem in Denmark

By: V4 Agency

Islam goes hand in hand with violence and terror and Muslims want to force their way of life on others, Denmark’s former immigration minister has said, adding that politicians should unequivocally declare that Islam is a problem in the country.

Islam is a problem not only in Denmark, but also in Europe and the free world, former Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg wrote on social media. According to Ms Stojberg, Islam, as a religion, goes hand in hand with violence and terror, and it wants to tell people how to live their lives in their own countries.

The ex-minister pointed out that the Danish security service had recently carried out a successful operation against Muslims in the country who were planning an attack. Ms Stojberg thanked police and Denmark’s security service for the action, but found it sad that the country had to resort to such means again to curb Islam.

Inger Stojberg also pointed out that many Muslims living in Denmark are not violent. The problem, however, is that those who are can justify their violence and terror against non-believers (or infidels) using the Quran, and they want to force their way of life on the people of Europe, Ms Stojberg opined.

The former immigration minister said it was high time to unequivocally declare that “Islam is a problem in Denmark” , adding that she fails to understand why many politicians are unable to do so. She concluded her thoughts by saying that people have an obligation to each other to never waiver in their fight to preserve Danish values​.

Denmark has recently tried to intensify its efforts against Muslim immigration. Parliament will soon discuss the draft bill proposing that churches should have their foreign-language sermons translated into Danish, allowing the authorities to examine their text. The government is also bent on curbing the spread of Islamist extremism within the country.

Churches to be brought under tight control beacuse of radical Islam

Plans are afoot to bring churches under tight state control to curb the spread of Islam, a move viewed as disconcerting by the country’s congregations….

In January, Denmark’s prime minister stressed that the mass influx of migrants is threatening social cohesion in the country. As a result, the government will make efforts to reduce the number of asylum-seekers to a minimum in Denmark. According to Mette Frederiksen, politicians fail to demand enough of immigrants, who should be able to fend for themselves and embrace Denmark’s national values.


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