EU Illegal Immigration Still at 124,000 in 2020 Despite Virus Lockdowns

(Photo by STA/Dpa)

by A.P.

The number of illegal migrants entering Europe decreased by 13 per cent in 2020, the lowest number since 2013, a phenominon predominantly caused by the Chinese coronavirus travel restrictions.

Data released by the European Union border agency Frontex states that 124,000 illegal migrants crossed into the European Union last year, with Syrians the largest nationality represented in the figures, followed by Moroccans, Tunisians, and Algerians.

Greece saw the largest drop in illegal immigrants in 2020, despite seeing an initial surge of migrants prior to the Chinese coronavirus outbreak when Turkish President Recep Erdogan opened the gates to Europe in February.

According to a report from Greek newspaper Proto Thema, Greece saw a 76 per cent reduction in the number of illegal arrivals over the course of the year for a total of around 20,000 migrants.