Dining areas in asylum home turned into bedrooms – it seems there are more asylum seekers in Slovenia than official sources indicate. Everything suggests that most of them are not from war-affected areas

(Pic: EPA)

Leftists are either ignorant of the truth or perhaps unwilling to admit that they have made a mistake and that many migrants are simply exploiting the open migration policy in Europe. But neither the media nor politicians are willing to discuss this – but they will tug at heartstrings and manipulate people to believe that all these individuals are running from war zones. While some undeniably are, most migrants that have come to Europe recently have no connection to war.

This has been confirmed by police reports, who daily inform media outlets (some of them decide to publish the data, others of course do not) about how many migrants have crossed Slovenian borders and which countries they have come from. The last report confirms what we have written above: in Gruškovje they have discovered four adult citizens of Bangladesh (an area where no war is taking place) hiding among the freight. And considering that dining areas in asylum homes are being turned into bedrooms due to overcrowding (shown by the video below), it is obvious that there are more asylum seekers in Slovenia than official sources indicate. Another question is whether all of them are coming from war zones and actually need international protection.

The border police station in Gruškovje has reported that on Thursday 26 July, a little after 11pm, they performed a border check of a heavy goods vehicle with a Turkish registration and driven by a Turkish driver. “We performed the border check in accordance with the Schengen acquis and the Schengen Catalogue. In the process, we discovered four adult citizens of Bangladesh hiding in the semi-trailer among the freight. They had entered the semi-trailer while the driver was taking his legally required rest at Plitvice in Croatia. They had cut through protective tarpaulin on the roof of the semi-trailer, entered the semi-trailer and joined the tarpaulin back together with plastic loop ties to cover up their entry. The foreigners have been returned to Croatia.”

War in Bangladesh?
That Bangladesh is far from war zones (Syria, Afghanistan, etc.) is evident from the map. However, it does lie next to the country of Myanmar (Burma), from which members of the Muslim minority (Rohingya people) are fleeing to Bangladesh. The country is thus actually a place of refuge for migrants from the nearby country, but nevertheless a large number of migrants in Slovenia have come from Bangladesh. It is therefore clear why they are coming – word about the open migration policy in Europe has spread all over the world.

Asylum homes are coming apart at the seams
Considering that illegal migrants are arriving without documents, it is easy for them to claim (hoping for the approval of their application) that they have come, for example, from Syria or some other war zone. Thus, asylum homes continue to fill up, despite the fact that they cannot take in any more people – one home had to turn its dining area into a bedroom to “increase its capacity”. There are obviously more migrants in Slovenia than official sources indicate. The question is also whether all of them are from war zones and actually in need of international protection or if they are economic migrants.

30 more migrants arrested on Thursday
Recent police reports also show that on Thursday policemen of the Novo mesto Police Directorate arrested 30 additional migrants who had wished to illegally enter Slovenia. “While carrying out their duties of protecting the country border in the area of the Črnomelj police station, the policemen tracked down and arrested 29 migrants who had illegally crossed the border. Police proceedings concerning the 18 Pakistan citizens, 2 Syrian citizens, 3 Iranian citizens and 6 Iraqi citizens have not been concluded yet. During an inspection of a freight train which had travelled to the Slovenian border from Serbia, policemen from the border police station in Dobova also found an Algerian citizen hiding on the train chassis – he had tried to evade the border control and illegally enter Slovenia. The foreigner has been handed over to Croatian security authorities.