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Ceuta: Nafri wants to cut NGO social worker’s throat


A Moroccan teenager already known to the police kidnaps an NGO social worker, beats her and tries to cut her throat.

The Moroccan was remanded in custody after allegedly trying to cut the throat of a social worker who worked as a volunteer for an NGO in Ceuta and with whom he had a love affair.

The 24-year-old volunteer had been living with the young Moroccan migrant for three months. Since then, she has been repeatedly abused, which almost cost her her life last Thursday, July 29.

According to the sources interviewed by the newspaper, these serious events were caused by a jealousy scene of the young Moroccan who, after a fierce dispute over refusing to travel with his partner to the Spanish peninsula, imprisoned her, beat her and tried to cut her throat. The young woman managed to appease him and persuade him to take her to the hospital for treatment, as she lost a lot of blood; she promised to forgive him and not to report him.

After the young Moroccan was put on trial last Saturday to make a statement and exercised his right not to do so, he is in pre-trial detention in Fuerte Mendizabal prison, without bail and in anticipation of a trial date.

Likewise, according to the police, it became known that until recently, due to his status, the teenager was accommodated in one of the municipal centers for minors *) and was under the protection of the city, and that he even spent some time in Punta Blanca due to a crime.

The assaulted social worker testified before the magistrate of Court No. 6 last Saturday and appeared again on Monday at the Court for Violence against Women, where she reported on the constant abuse and assault she suffered during the three stormy months she spent with the Moroccan.

At the moment, the Moroccan is being charged with an alleged crime of domestic violence and aggravated assault, although after the extension of the testimony on Monday, the prosecutor’s classification remains to be seen, whether he will ultimately be tried for a more serious crime, the young man would then have expected a minimum sentence of six years in prison, or even more if it is considered attempted murder, since it can be assumed that he acted intentionally and with the intention of harm when he imprisoned the woman and attacked her with a knife.

Source: El Pueblo de Ceuta


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