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Friday, September 22, 2023

Captured six Italians transporting illegals

Police have caught six Italian citizens transporting illegal migrants on the Coast in recent days.

On Saturday at 20.00, Illyrian-Bistrica police officers arrested a 48-year-old Serbian citizen who had come to Slovenia illegally near Mali Brdo. In the proceedings, it was established that a 59-year-old Italian citizen was waiting for him on the way. He was tracked down in Ilirska Bistrica and had luggage and documents of a Serbian citizen in the vehicle. A fine was issued to an Italian citizen, and a Serbian citizen was returned to Croatia.

On Saturday afternoon, the police received information that the driver of a white Ford Fiesta passenger car with Italian license plates had picked up migrants on the road between Jablanica and Trpčane. Police stopped the vehicle in Ilirska Bistrica. The driver, a 22-year-old Italian citizen, and 4 illegal migrants, citizens of Afghanistan, were arrested. The driver and passengers fled the scene at the stop, but were then apprehended. In connection with the further collection of information, the police officers also inspected a Fiat Multipla vehicle in Ilirska Bistrica, in which there were four Italian

In the past few days, the police arrested a total of 17 illegals from Tunisia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Serbia and Syria.


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