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Thursday, September 28, 2023

British children are being programmed to love Islam, objective analysis is seen as ‘racist’ – Anne Marie Waters

Anne Marie Waters, the leader and founder of the ‘For Britain party, says the country’s national curriculum has to change drastically, The Voice of Europe reports.


According to Waters, who was banned from Twitter for criticising Muslim grooming gangs, British schools have been promoting Islam, as well as far-left politics. She says that objective analysis of Islam is considered racist.

“Even if children are ‘learning about Islam’, the question is – learning what? Will they learn how it kills apostates, seeks the genocide of Jews, treats women as sub-human and presides over societies of fear, violence, and hatred?

“A country cannot survive if its people don’t wish to save it, and they won’t wish to save it if they have no respect for it. This indeed is exactly why British children are encouraged to love all the people of this world, except themselves.

It is to weaken the sense of national identity of yesteryear because this presents an impediment to the globalist agenda. Globalists want a broken down world of uniformity and serfdom and they’ll only get it if they remove identification with the nation-state.

That’s the aim and purpose of modern ‘education’ across the Western world. We’re being ‘taught’ to give away our countries.”

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