Bosnia: 2,000 Muslim migrants riot in migrant camp over insults to Muhammad

(Photo by Youtube/TikTok)

by A.P.

What are the chances that these rioters will become loyal, stable, productive members of European society, accepting the freedom of speech and the right to criticize anything, even Islam?

Yesterday there were riots in the Blažuju migrant camp near Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Around 2,000 migrants took part. The trigger: abusive words about the prophet Mohammed.

Several migrants and refugees were arrested at the reception center in Blažuj near Sarajevo after the mass fighting between two groups. Their conflict soon turned into a general battle and attacks on the police who arrived to intervene.

Two police officers and an employee of the International Organization for Migration, which manages the camp, were injured. It was one of the biggest incidents since Bosnia and Herzegovina was in a migrant crisis. The migrant who caused the incident is awaiting deportation from Bosnia and Herzegovina.