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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

An Algerian stole sunglasses worth over 2,000 euros from an optics store in Supernova

By Andrej Žitnik (Nova24tv.si)

“The perpetrator is an Algerian citizen,” stated the saleswoman from the Morela optics store in the Supernova shopping centre in her statement. An illegal migrant from Algeria stole sunglasses worth over 2,000 euros.

We are reporting on the theft that occurred at the Morela optics store in the Supernova shopping centre on Saturday. For this purpose, we even received a statement from the saleswoman, who mentioned that the store was robbed by an illegal migrant from Algeria during her absence. She even provided his name, which remains protected due to data privacy reasons.

According to the saleswoman’s account, during her absence when she was in a neighbouring room, she left two drawers open, from which 13 pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses disappeared. The individual prices of the sunglasses range from 136 to 200 euros, making the total value of the stolen goods amount to 2,004 euros.

As soon as the saleswoman noticed the empty drawers, she immediately called the security guard. Together, they reviewed the security camera footage and identified the perpetrator.


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