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African migrant threatens to set his foster home alight because he wants 250 euros Italian welfare

On 24 September, another incident implicating an African migrant occurred in Italy, Secolo D’Italia reports


A 19-year-old Ethiopian who threatened to set fire to his asylum seeker’s foster home, out of frustation over not having received a payment of 250 euros was arrested.

Two days ago, in the province of Catania, in Raddusa, the migrant, who violated the rules of the structure by exceeding the limit of the days for which he was authorised to stay, was notified that he had to move away.

He got so furious that he threatened to set the building on fire if he didn’t get a 250 euros welfare payment that he thought he was entitled to receive.

He tried to escape arrest but was apprehended by police after they tracked him down in the city.

As each day passes, we understand more and more why Italy voted for Salvini and why his approval ratings are going up, as incidents between African migrants and ordinary Italian citizens are now becoming daily occurrences.

Mohamed Konare, an African migrant who has lived more than two decades in Italy, advised the country to shut its borders to prevent a civil war between Africans and Italians.

According to him, young Africans have no chance in Italy and their migration will result in a disaster.

“Therefore, those youths will be thrown onto the street without any assistance, without any means. Speaking poor Italian, not knowing Western culture, what will happen?

A war among the poor, that is the (lower class) Italians who are in difficulty will find themselves confronted with thousands, hundreds of thousands of hungry Africans,” Konare said.



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