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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Afghan Migrant Assaults French Hospital Staff, Threatens to Kill Them ‘With a Kalashnikov’

by A.P.

An Afghan migrant has been given a suspended sentence after he assaulted healthcare workers at a hospital in Rennes, France and threatened to shoot staff.

The 19-year-old Afghan is said to have physically attacked four healthcare workers at the University Hospital of Rennes late last month after being taken to the hospital’s emergency room while intoxicated by local Gendarmes.

The teen, who had previously been at a local nightclub, is said to have been immediately aggressive toward the hospital staff, with one nurse testifying in court, “He tried to hit us several times, threatened us with death, spat at us,” Actu reports.

“He even tried to hit a doctor who was eight months pregnant,” another nurse said, adding that the migrant “threatened to come back and kill us with a Kalashnikov.”

Witnesses say that it took six to seven people, including security guards, to subdue the Afghan who was then restrained on a stretcher.



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