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Accommodation seekers devastate hotel rooms: Swiss hotelier remains sitting on 10,000-franc damage


The hotelier Heinz Reichenbach (55) lets two migrants live in his hotel in Baar in Switzerland at the beginning of the year. With evil consequences: they devastate the rooms. The damage: 10,000 francs. The community evades responsibility. The hotel owner has to pay for everything himself, reports blick.ch.
In January of this year, Hotelier had agreed to sublet two welfare recipients. The rent of 1200 francs per double room was borne by the municipality.

Nafris whistle on house rules

When the two people seeking protection moved in, Reichenbach presented them with the house rules in written form, which contained, for example, a smoking ban. The Nafri duo, a Moroccan and a Tunisian ignored the instructions after a short time:

In the corridor it was stunned, in the night it was extremely loud, “visitors” went in and out. Everywhere there were burn holes in the paint and the wood of the furniture were partially burned, the rooms gray, because there was smoking, the bed linen dirty. If the gold pieces were asked about it, they reacted “angrily”.

Hoteliers sit at the expense of the welcoming culture

The aforementioned online portal also reports that due to complaints from Reichenbach, the collar finally burst and the two social welfare recipients terminated the rooms. Only then did the full extent of the destruction become apparent: the hotel rooms had to be renovated, treated with special means and freshly painted. Reichenbach also had to completely replace the bedding. Cost: CHF 10,000. Money that Reichenbach has to pay out of his own pocket. Because the municipality refuses to bear the costs. The business risk lies with the hotelier. In plain language: Bad luck!


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